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GEMS for "Gynaecology Endoscopy Maternity Menopause Surgery"

Nutrition & Diet Counseling

Nutrition is a critical component of all phases of a woman’s life. Starting as a young girl through adulthood, the child-bearing years, menopause and as an elder adult; food, eating habits and weight play important roles in a woman’s overall health and well being.

Women have unique nutritional concerns in different phases of their life requiring specialized nutritional guidance. Lifestyle modification through diet forms an effective and important part of the treatments for conditions such as PCOS, gestational diabetes, infertility and obesity.

Our nutrition and dietitics experts help you to manage various health challenges by providing customized meal plans. They assist you to :

1. Lose weight
2. Improve your fertility
3. Decrease risk in gestational diabetes
4. Understand PCOS and insulin resistance
5. Manage diabetes and increased cholesterol levels
6. Weight management in thyroid related problems

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