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Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Cervical cancer is the no.1 cancer amongst Indian women, yet very few are aware of it. Most cervical cancers are caused by the sexually transmitted Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.

Cervical cancer usually has no symptoms in its early stages and hence prevention and early detection is very important. To detect cervical cancer in the early stages, regular PAP smear tests should be done. Vaginal bleeding after sex, between periods or after menopause, pelvic pain or pain during sex are some of the symptoms of cervical cancer.

Fortunately cervical cancer can be prevented by vaccination and regular screening. However vaccine should be given before a girl or a woman is exposed to the virus.

Dr Charulata Bapaye is personally committed to spread awareness about cervical cancer and has been active in the crusade against cervical cancer.

Under her leadership, GEMS Specialty Clinic for Women has been appointed as an ambassador for vaccination against cervical cancer.