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GEMS for "Gynaecology Endoscopy Maternity Menopause Surgery"

Antenatal Classes

The Stork has arrived!! Congratulations to the proud parents to be. Welcome to GEMS Hospital once again for a memorable experience of antenatal care & child birth. After we confirm your pregnancy, you will be submitted to a few basic blood tests, you will be given instructions regarding exercise & diet and to how to cope up with minor pregnancy ailments. You will need scans once every 3 months. you will be subjected to a set of important blood tests like the double / triple marker test which tells you about the mental development of your baby. Please feel free to talk to our doctors & midwives. We are here to get all your concerns sorted out.

We divide pregnancy in three trimesters; first ,Second & third. Most of you will visit us as soon as you have tested positive on your home pregnancy test kit. You may be undergoing a few symptoms like breast tenderness, excessive urination, stomach ache or backpain,etc. Please discuss all these with Dr. Bapaye and she will suggest some simple home remedies to over come this discomfort. In the first trimester you will be started on some basic prenatals & something to help you with your morning sickness & Acidity. Some medicines can be prescribed to ease this nauseatic feeling but changing dietary habits at this point holds an utmost importance. Initially your check-up will be once in every 3 weeks to one month but the frequency will increase as you near your due date. A basic sonography to confirm your pregnancy is mandatory. All this and more will be discussed with you at the time of your session with Dr. Bapaye.

When to contact your doctor other than your appointment?
1.Incase you develop severe pain in abdomen 2. Notice bleeding or spotting 3. Fever 4. Fainting Attack
So, you are through with your first trimester & things look much better and happier. The time has come where you are actually enjoying your pregnancy because your nausea has subsided & you & your baby have gotten used to each other. Don't worry about the baby bump or you not showing as yet because you will only start showing at the end of 4th month. But now is the perfect time to start your prenatal exercises.

Why exercise during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, exercise can: Reduce backaches, constipation,
  • bloating and swelling
  • Boost your mood and energy levels
  • Help you sleep better
  • Prevent excess weight gain
  • Promote muscle tone, strength and endurance

  • Nowadays due to the hectic work schedules it is difficult to find time for exercise. Hence it is important to perform the prenatal exercises under supervision.For most pregnant women, at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended.Remember to warm up, stretch and cool down. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, and be careful to avoid overheating. Our instructor will also guide you on kegel Exercise where you can exercise the pelvic muscles and prepare your body for normal delivery.
    Exercise during pregnancy might also reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.
    It is also possible if you wish to continue with Dr. Ashwini for these ANC sessions after 6th week. She will be more than happy to guide you throughout your pregnancy. Or you may continue these exercises at the comfort of your home.

    In your second trimester Hospital will issue you a Yellow antenatal card where your entire pregnancy profile is visible at a glance! You will still continue to meet Dr. Bapaye once in every three weeks. You will be given the swine flu & tetanus vaccination during this time span. Slowly but surely your belly bump will start showing now. Now you Doctor will make sure that you are eating right. She will keep a close tab on your Protein & Vitamin intake. We have an in-house dietician in case you need guidance.
    As you reach your fifth month, Dr. Bapaye will prescribe a mandatory & extremely important Sonography, which is called the Anomaly scan. This scan will eliminate all the worries about the baby having any birth defects. You can even get a 4D sonography done at this point where you'll receive a colored image of your baby!!
    Did you feel any butterfly fluttering in your stomach as yet? In medical terms it's called as 'Quickening'. These are nothing but your baby's first movements. If you are a first time mom to be then it will take longer for you to realise these movements.. second time moms to be however feel and recognize these movements a little early. At this point Dr. Bapaye will start you on iron & calcium supplements.
    Do you want to go for the Baby-moon? Please ask your doctor about the safe time to travel before you plan one!
    As your second trimester comes to an end, u need to look out for some alarming symptoms. You might develop Anaemia, low hb levels, excess or too little weight gain. In such cases Dr. Bapaye will tell you what to do. In case you observe excess body swelling, it could be the sign of increased blood pressure. She will prescribe a glucose tolerance test to check the possibility of Gestational diabetes. In some cases a woman may suffer from bleeding or spotting due to placental problems, Vaginal infection or threatened preterm labour where the mouth of the uterus opens before time. In this case you might need a stitch to prevent the cervix from opening before the big day!
    Congratulations!! As you enter your third trimester which comprises of you 7th , 8th & 9th month, you are more than half way through your pregnancy! It is a good time to plan your baby shower. It is also time to explore the stem cell banking options. It is a novel method by which you can save the baby's cord blood & stem cells. It's an evolving field which may help you to safeguard the health of your baby. It's like an insurance policy! If you've had issues with your earlier pregnancy getting a 4D sonography around 28th to 30th week is also a good idea. As your 8th month starts things start getting a little heavier and uncomfortable. It becomes difficult to move, the kicks become stronger, you visit the bathroom more frequently. You are probably unable to sleep at night. Make sure that you sleep in the left lateral position. If you experience swelling on your feet, make sure you eat less salt and take a pillow or two beneath your feet. You may also experience false labours (Braxton Hicks) this time around. But If there is excess backache, discharge and a lot of discomfort in the stomach then you need to contact the doctor immediately. It could be the early signs of threatened preterm labour. You also need to look after your baby's movements carefully. There is something called as a daily fetal movement count or the kick count. As a mom you know your baby the best. Sometimes the baby does sleep, so don't panic if you do not feel the movements for an hour or so. but after a longer span if you feel or sense decreased movements then contact Dr. Bapaye immediately.
    As you approach the end of your ninth month, relatives and friends will call several times to check if you are in labour, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll actually deliver on your due date. Delivery is possible and safe anytime after 37th weeks. Most women deliver around 38th to 39th week of gestation. During this month Dr. Bapaye will tell you everything about signs and symptoms of getting into labour. It's always a good idea to pack your hospital bag well in advance. So at any point if u need to rush to the hospital there is one less thing to worry about! In that bag you can have a fresh and comfy set of maternity clothes for you to wear after the delivery, undergarments, toiletry items, diapers for the newborn, some clothes for him/her, snacks for your husband while he waits in the labour, your iPod (music can help calm your nerves during labour), etc. from the Hospital we usually provide maternity pads, hospital gown, baby hamper,etc.
    "you need to finalise the place of your delivery. We also arrange the hospital tours as your due date nears. Dr. Bapaye also delivers at Cloud 9 , Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Oyster & Pearls
    How will actual labour feel?
    The labour actually start with the loss of mucous plug which covers the cervix. If you have a reddish white discharge. If you have severe pain which starts in the lower back and radiates towards the inner side of the thighs and this pains come in the intervals of 18-20 mins then contact Dr. Bapaye today. Sometimes the bag of water will break open. Even though there is no pain associated with this, u are supposed to check the colour of that water. If it is greenish or brownish in colour then it could be an alarming sign and u need to mention this to your doctor. In this case you are not suppose to eat anything. your doctor will explain to you about epidural or painless delivery options. She will also explain about the delivery with support ( Suction Cups, Forceps , etc.) and c section depending upon your condition. If your husband wishes to be with you during the birth of your baby, please inform the doctor in advance so that we can allow your husband to be there. Don't panic if labours progress in the middle of the night. Dr. Bapaye is just a phone call away. Our staff is trained and available 24X7 in case of emergency.
    Once the baby is out, it will be handed over to the paediatrician for basic routine tests. Once the paediatrician makes sure of everything well of the baby, the little bundle will be handed over to you. Our paediatrician Dr. Manish Dadpe is always available just a phone call away!
    He will take you through your newborn's vaccination schedule. If you were thinking about a cervical cancer vaccination, this would be a good time for it! As your vaccinations also will be done along with your baby's Vaccinations. It is usually given in three dosages in the span of 6 months. It prevents you from HPV virus (Human pappiloma Viral infection) which is one of the most important causative factors for Cervical Cancer.
    Ask more about the cervical cancer vaccine when you meet Dr. Bapaye.
    Now that your baby is in your arms, you are suddenly busy caring for your baby day and night. As your new born gets comfortable with his/her new life , there is a sudden addition of stress in your life. You are sleep deprived , you may face feeding troubles or breast congestion, Breast abcess formation (Mastitis), Excessive bleeding problems,episiotomy care, some may even get the 'Baby blues' or what we commenly term as post partum depression. Thankfully in India we have a lot of family support. We the GEMS Family is also here to help you through these minor ups and downs in your postnatal period.