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GEMS for "Gynaecology Endoscopy Maternity Menopause Surgery"

40 Plus Clinic

The modern Indian urban mother might be worried about the health of her child and the well being of her family, but most of the times her own health takes a backseat. She often neglects her regular health checkups and delays visiting a doctor.

This is the time when the most of the good eggs in your ovaries have been used up and slowly and steadily your hormonal levels (estrogen & progesterone) start falling. This leads to a number of mental, physical & emotional changes. So it is always wise to consult your gynaecologist. You need to routinely and timely follow the checkups after 40 & not take pride in saying that you didn't visit a gynaec after your delivery. It is necessary to see your gynaec at least once a year because they can diagnose small changes in your body for which they can suggest a number of minimally invasive methods to prevent it from progressing so that major health problems or surgeries can be avoided in the future.

At Gems Hospital & Endoscopy Centre, we aim at providing women with complete gynecological care at every stage of their life. Especially after the age of forty, an annual check up is a must.

Once enrolled in our 40 Plus Clinic, we make sure to remind you about your annual or half yearly complete health check up (as the case may be) and schedule an appointment for it to suit your convenience.

Our 40 Plus Clinic offers following services:

1. Blood tests: CBC, Lipid profile, Blood sugar, Urine routine,
2. Clinical examination
3. Ultrasonography
4. PAP smear
5. Nutrition and Diet counseling
6. Psychological counseling
7. Consultation with a physician
8. Mammography*
9. Colposcopy*
10. Bone densitometry*
*if advised by the physician

Just one hour at GEMS in a year could go a long way in maintaining good health!

40+ Clinic Timings: Thursday 5 am to 6 am
Please call us on 9404451591 / 9011072147 for appointments.