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GEMS for "Gynaecology Endoscopy Maternity Menopause Surgery"

GEMS Hospital & Endoscopy Centre NICU

GEMS Hospital’s 4 Bed, level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides specialized and highly personalized care for babies who are born prematurely and/or with special medical needs.

It is equipped with State of the Art machinery & monitors. Our services include CPAP & high flow nasal oxygenation, Warmer care, IV parenteral nutrition, management of physician-prescribed medications, physical and occupational therapy, and more.

The NICU operates in a manner that mimics conditions in the womb, offering a familiar, soothing and healing environment for your baby. To achieve this, lights are kept low, sounds are soft and soothing, and incubators provide a warm and comforting place for your baby.

Why does a baby needs to be in the neonatal unit?

Premature babies need extra help while their bodies catch up on the growth and development they missed in the womb (uterus). The neonatal unit provides this in several ways.

It's harder for your premature baby to stay warm because he can’t regulate his own body temperature yet. A special cot (incubator) can help with this.

Some babies who are born early need help with breathing for a while, until their lung development catches up. Babies who are weak or very ill may also need help with breathing. If your baby is too small, too premature or too weak to feed, he might receive fluids and a nutrition mixture through a drip. Or he might need a tube that carries milk into his stomach.

Premature babies also need extra monitoring, treatment and care because they can be more vulnerable to infection and other medical problems. You can read more about these in our article on early challenges for your premature baby. About half of babies in the neonatal unit were not born prematurely, but need treatment or care because they are ill.

Having surgery, getting treatment for an infection or having light therapy for jaundice are some of the reasons that a baby may be in the neonatal unit. As a designated Baby-Friendly Hospital, our commitment to mother-baby bonding includes helping moms and their newborns successfully breastfeed—an activity that has many lifelong health benefits for both mom and baby.

GEMS NICU is led by Dr. Manish Dadpe, a highly skilled and experienced neonatologist with 10 years experience. He is attached with GEMS Hospital since 2 years. He proficient in all neonatal and paediatric procedures and possesses remarkable clinical acumen. What distinguish Dr. Dadpe from the others are his excellent counselling skills. Neonatologists are physicians who specialize in caring for babies born prematurely and/or with particular illnesses or conditions.

Other physician specialists are called upon to provide their expertise, as needed. The NICU has a core staff of trained nurses & doctors at all times.

Antenatal Classes

At GEMS Specialty Clinic for Women , antenatal classes have been designed to prepare expectant parents for what is to come during pregnancy, birth and the weeks that come after the baby is born.

At these sessions, parents-to-be get to talk to an expert on a weekly basis about any queries they may have. Besides covering parent's questions, at our antenatal classes, we cover range of topics such as diet, fitness, posture, hygiene, exercises , fetal development, piles, constipation and sexual intercourse during pregnancy.
The sessions also explain labor, the types of birthing (caesarian, induction etc.), breathing exercises and birthing positions, how to recognize whether you're in labor, what happens step by step, options for pain relief and complications such as breech births.

There are also various antenatal classes that are dedicated to fathers about how to help during pregnancy and how to feel involved.

At GEMS, Antenatal classes don't just stop at birth either, they go as far as the weeks and months following child birth and how to care for yourself and your baby. Topics include ways of feeding and problems you can encounter (mastitis for example), maternity pads and bras etc., nappy changing, classes on how fathers can help, clothing, bathing, massage and sleeping routines, postnatal depression and also contraception after the birth.

Antenatal Classes timings :

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40 Plus Clinic

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. - George Bernard Shaw

The modern Indian urban mother might be worried about the health of her child and the well being of her family, but most of the times her own health takes a backseat. She often neglects her regular health checkups and delays visiting a doctor.

At Gems Specialty Clinic for Women, we aim at providing women with complete gynecological care at every stage of their life. Especially after the age of forty, an annual check up is a must.

Once enrolled in our 40 Plus Clinic, we make sure to remind you about your annual or half yearly complete health check up (as the case may be) and schedule an appointment for it to suit your convenience.

Our 40 Plus Clinic offers following services:
1. Blood tests: CBC, Lipid profile, Blood sugar, Urine routine,
2. Clinical examination
3. Ultrasonography
4. PAP smear
5. Nutrition and Diet counseling
6. Psychological counseling
7. Consultation with a physician
8. Mammography*
9. Colposcopy*
10. Bone densitometry*

*if advised by the physician
Just one hour at GEMS in a year could go a long way in maintaining good health!
40 Plus Clinic timings: Monday: 7.30 am – 10 am
Please call us on + 91 20 -----------------between 9.30 am and 6.30 pm to schedule an appointment.

Ultrasound Sonography

An ultrasound exam is a non invasive procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to scan a woman’s abdomen and pelvic cavity. The sound waves create a picture or a sonogram of the abdomen.

At Gems Specialty Clinic for Women, all our patients are offered a superb service in all areas of pregnancy and gynecological scanning.

The recently renovated ultrasound suite features the latest state-of-the-art equipment with three- and four-dimensional capabilities. In addition to general ultrasound, Gems offers specialized ultrasound services, including high-risk obstetrical sonogram.

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Contraception Advice and Management

Our doctors are specialists in birth control and can help you choose the most suitable method of contraception for your lifestyle, as well as provide contraception itself.

Various methods of contraception advised and administered are:

1. Hormonal : IUS(Mirena), pill, injection, emergency contraception.

2. Barrier: IUD, diaphragm or cervical cap, female and male condoms.

3. Permanent: Vasectomy, Female sterilisation.

Nutrition & Diet Counseling

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.

Nutrition is a critical component of all phases of a woman’s life. Starting as a young girl through adulthood, the child-bearing years, menopause and as an elder adult; food, eating habits and weight play important roles in a woman’s overall health and well being.

Women have unique nutritional concerns in different phases of their life requiring specialized nutritional guidance. Lifestyle modification through diet forms an effective and important part of the treatments for conditions such as PCOS, gestational diabetes, infertility and obesity.

Our nutrition and dietitics experts help you to manage various health challenges by providing customized meal plans. They assist you to :

1. Lose weight
2. Improve your fertility
3. Decrease risk in gestational diabetes
4. Understand PCOS and insulin resistance
5. Manage diabetes and increased cholesterol levels
6. Weight management in thyroid related problems

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Psychological Counseling

" A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book" . - Irish Proverb

Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Cervical cancer is the no.1 cancer amongst Indian women, yet very few are aware of it. Most cervical cancers are caused by the sexually transmitted Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.

Cervical cancer usually has no symptoms in its early stages and hence prevention and early detection is very important. To detect cervical cancer in the early stages, regular PAP smear tests should be done. Vaginal bleeding after sex, between periods or after menopause, pelvic pain or pain during sex are some of the symptoms of cervical cancer.

Fortunately cervical cancer can be prevented by vaccination and regular screening. However vaccine should be given before a girl or a woman is exposed to the virus.

Dr Charulata Bapaye is personally committed to spread awareness about cervical cancer and has been active in the crusade against cervical cancer.

Under her leadership, GEMS Specialty Clinic for Women has been appointed as an ambassador for vaccination against cervical cancer.