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GEMS for "Gynaecology Endoscopy Maternity Menopause Surgery"

Office Gynaecology

Office Gynaecology refers to surgical procedures performed in a clinic or OPD set up as opposed to operating theatres. It is also known as Outpatient Gynaecology or Ambulatory Gynaecology.

These procedures do not require cuts or incisions and do not cause much pain during and after. And offer several advantages for women since they are performed in an OPD or a clinic including:

• Familiar and friendly environment of a clinic
• Procedures are performed under local or no anaesthesia
• Reduced time and costs
• Fast recovery and immediate return to normal activities

The concept of “Office Gynaecology” is not new, but the range of procedures which are now possible in a clinic setting has expanded considerably.

At GEMS Specialty Clinic for Women, we have constantly kept up with technological advances and have invested in new equipment and surgical instruments required for these procedures.

We perform following procedures at our clinics:

1. Insertion / removal of IUDs 2. Endometrial Ablation 3. Mirena insertion for contraception / menstrual problems 4. Endometrial biopsy 5. Diagnostic Hysteroscopy 6. Colposcopy